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Wholesale Greeting Cards and Gift Bags

from the world's leading online wholesaler.

 Our prices are 10% - 20% off wholesale - for your Greeting Card needs.

 Premium Greeting Card Wholesaler - InterGreet is #1

greeting card wholesaler

These are not just Wholesale Bulk Greeting Cards - they are
Wholesale Premium Greeting Cards and each one is

beautifully printed with extraordinary finishes including:
Handcraft Embellishments, Emboss, Die-cut, and Glitter

Advantages of Buying from InterGreet, the leading Greeting Card Wholesaler

1. Wholesale Greeting Cards that your customers will love

            2. Highest profit margins for Premium Wholesale Greeting Cards

3. Fast viewing and ordering of Wholesale Greeting Cards

Greeting Card Wholesaler

A Turn-key program for Premium & Discount Wholesale Greeting
Cards gives you Greeting Cards, fixtures, shipping and set-up instructions -
all you do is count the profit you will make.


Wholesale Gift Bags

Wholesale Gift Bags, Roll Wrap, Gift Tissue, Bows
Ribbons, Gift Boxes, Flat Wrap

Another 10% - 20% Off

InterGreet is the only wholesaler to give margins which are always higher.


We launched our Online sales more than a quarter of a century ago - 
but did you know we also carry an incredible range of
wholesale Gift Bags, Gift Wrap and Close-out Cards?

All available at prices that are very low.

This brief video explains why InterGreet is the leading online
of Greeting Cards and Gift Bags

Wholesale Gift Bag Spinner

Instant, profitable wholesale Gift Bag Program in a smaller space.
InterGreet's unique Gift Bag and Gift Tissue Program is now available at the amazing Turn-Key price of $687.60 plus $100 for shipping.

Order now - and you'll receive a beautiful Gift Bag and Tissue Program with Free Spinner - that will generate profits within your Store each and every day.

All Product is discounted so you receive a full 100% mark-up.
Handcrafted Premium Gift Bag and Christian Gift Bag Programs also available.

We ship wholesale greeting cards to the following Countries or Regions already, but are set up to deliver to virtually every Country in the world:
Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Shipping by DHL the leading online wholesaler of:
Wholesale Greeting Cards
Wholesale Easter Cards
Wholesale Mothers Day Cards
Wholesale Graduation Cards
Wholesale Communion Cards
Wholesale Religious Cards
Wholesale Spanish Cards
Wholesale Dollar Greeting Cards
Wholesale Gift Bags
Wholesale Gift Tissue
Wholesale Gift Wrap
Wholesale Christmas Cards
Wholesale Jewish Greeting Cards
Wholesale Father's Day Cards

Bulk Greeting Cards



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