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Closeout Party Goods

Wholesale Price: $500.00
Total Retail Value:$2,500.00
Profit Margin:$2,000.00(80%)
In Stock
Part Number:Closeout Party Goods
Over $2500 at retail of brand-name party products available at an unbeatable close-out price of $500, plus shipping. (6 cases)
Sponge Bob, Sesame Street, Strawberry Shortcake plus other top products available at a fraction of the normal wholesale price. Suitable for Party Stores, Discount Stores or Supermarkets.
Note this product is available only in one shipment. We will not be selling partial orders. Only 1 unit in stock.
Full details of the product available is below. For further information click on Live Chat or call Customer service toll-free at (888) 600-9354
DesignItemRetailPcs per
Retail Pkg
Pkd inW/sale UnitQTYTotal W/sale

Magnolia Blooms
- Blue & White Flowers

Dessert Plates2.99868.9718.97
 Dinner Plates3.29869.8719.87
Beverage Napkins2.991668.9718.97
Large Napkins3.4916610.47110.47
Plastic Table Covers4.991614.97229.94
9 oz. Hot/Cold Cups2.99868.9718.97
BabyDinner Plates3.29869.8719.87
 Beverage Napkins2.991668.9718.97
9 oz. Hot/Cold Cups2.99868.9718.97
Age 15 / QuinceañeraDinner Plates3.29869.8719.87
 Dessert Plates2.99868.9718.97
Beverage Napkins2.991668.9718.97
Large Napkins3.4916610.47110.47
Plastic Table Covers4.991614.97114.97
Plaza Sesamo - SpanishPlastic Table Covers5.791617.37234.74
 Large Napkins3.9916611.97223.94
Dessert Plates3.498610.47220.94
9 oz. Hot/Cold Cups3.498610.47220.94

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