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Turn-Key Depts

Turn-key wholesale cards
Amazing Greeting Card Profits for Your Store

Do you have between 4 - 24 feet of space in your Store?  Then you are a prime candidate for a profit-generating Greeting Card department. 

Perhaps your space is more limited? A Spinner Turn-key program would be a perfect solution for your store. Ask about these options.

No, these high profits are not reserved for Wal-Mart, Target and Hallmark stores. Unlock the incredible profit power of a product that everyone needs but are forced to buy from the big chains. We are empowering Retailers like you to make the same earnings on Cards as the multi-site retailers.

We advise our customers, "Be careful when selecting Cards for your Store. Price is seldom a buying factor - the average card shopper is looking for quality and variety." This is why the major chains control over 80% of the market - they offer top-quality Cards and a great variety of titles to choose from. It's hard for a Retailer to compete when they are offering a small selection of inferior cards.

This is the beauty of the InterGreet exclusive Turn-key Program.  We can,
(1) set you up with a profitable Greeting Card department, or
(2) reset your existing racks so you have great earnings, or
(3) if space is limited, install one of our productive spinners, and be amazed at the results.

We will guide and work with you to ensure you generate the best sales possible. Our goal is to generate shoppers for your Store - and have them return again and again.

What are the Numbers?
The investment is very low compared to the profit potential from a well-managed Greeting Card department. But as every store is different, we suggest you talk to our friendly sales service people so we can customize your "Special" card department to be perfect for your store.

"No one ever regretted buying quality."

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