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Wholesale Gift Bags 2024

Wholesale Gift Bags
Gift Bag Wholesaler

InterGreet sells both wholesale value & premium gift bag lines.
Take advantage of our discount pricing -  
 the best quality available at the lowest prices possible.

Note the retail prices are suggested only as price is not marked. You can sell at any price you wish.

Select from our wide range of wholesale gift bags from sub-categories below. Increase incremental sales by selling gift tissue along with our wholesale gift bags.

Also see our outstanding range of Wholesale Gift Wrap, Bows and Ribbon -
top-quality and value-priced.


Also - view our Premium Wholesale Gift Bags
These are not just standard gift bags - each gift bag is
beautifully printed with extraordinary finishes including:

Hot-Foil, Handcraft Embellishments, Embossing, Die-cut, Bows, Ribbons, and Glitter.


Advantages of Buying Wholesale Gift Bags from InterGreet

1. A selection of Wholesale Gift Bags that your customers will love

            2. Highest profit margins available for Wholesale gift bags

3. Fast viewing and ordering online of Gift Bags

4. As the retail price not printed, you can sell at any price you wish - making higher profits.


InterGreet has been the number one online wholesaler of Premium Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap and wholesale Gift Bags for 27 years.


In 1997, when the Internet was showing it’s potential, we decided to commit our future to this “new-fangled” idea of marketing our wholesale Gift Bags on the world-wide web. It was the best decision we’ve made and has enabled us to grow tremendously without having to constantly hire sales reps – or feet on the ground.

This meant savings in marketing costs – and we decided to pass these savings onto you – our customer.

For those who have followed our 27-year journey, you will have seen the incredible growth in our range and variety of product – we display thousands of items to retail stores - 24/7. – the home of the best quality and highest profit margin
Wholesale Gift Bags

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