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Making higher profits for your Store

Fathers Need Cards Too

Posted by Administrator on 5/29/2014

Millions of Fathers Day Cards are sold each year

InterGreet is the market leader for online sales of quality Greeting cards and can assist you to maximize your profits for this last season before Summer arrives. offers Fathers day Greeting cards in several styles including:

All Fathers Day Premium Assortments are discounted 25% off the wholesale price. This gives you the very best cards to offer your customers - but with the highest possible margin for you.

  Fathers Day - Jun 15

June Brdes, Past & Present

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2014

Did you know there is a massive increase in Wedding and Anniversary Card sales in June and July? Hmmm. I wonder why? We like to remind our customers to take advantage of every opportunity that comes up to make those profits

That's why we have designed some fantastic Wedding and Anniversary Card assortments in convenient sizes - BUT - with a greatly increased profit margin that will be very handy as you approach the summer months. each of these balanced assortment is available for the next month at 25% discount off the wholesale price. As usual, gives you the highest quality Cards with the best profit margins in the industry.

Trolls Plush Deal for Retailers

Posted by Administrator on 5/15/2014

What a deal! is promoting its top-selling Plush - the Trolls, by offering a special deal to its retail store customers. For the rest of May, retailers that purchase a display assortment of 44 Trolls will receive a second assortment completely free.

Religious Boxed cards

Posted by Administrator on 5/14/2014

Breaking News! At last - are back in stock with premium quality Christian Boxed Cards, These are quite simply, the best Religious Boxed Cards on the market today and are available in many titles including, Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy and Praying For You.

All Boxed Cards have Scriptures included in the copy  and are printed in color inside as well as on the outside.

Improve Your Store's Profits #4

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2014
Part 4 of "Improving your Profits".
4. Advertise More - In these precarious times of a slower economy you may think it is best to cut back on marketing dollars, but this is when you should advertise more. It is sensible to increase your marketing efforts as there is more competition and fewer consumers during slower sales periods. Red Hot Tip: Ask your Vendors to supply advertising material (brochures and artwork) and to share in the cost of advertisements. After all, a sale for you is also a sale for them.

Here come the Graduates

Posted by Administrator on 5/12/2014
They'll soon be marching down the aisle to receive their Diplomas, which means your customers will be marching into your store to buy a Graduation Card. Are you ready to make the sale? We can help you with our outstanding selection  of wholesale Graduation Greeting cards. Not only do you get the best quality, but you also make the biggest margin - and you'll have your shoppers coming back for repeat sales.

Is there Life after Mothers Day?

Posted by Administrator on 5/9/2014
With all the current emphasis on Mothers Day, you could easily ask the question, "Is there life after Mothers Day?"

The answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

There are two major seasons that are creeping up and are a major opportunity for Retailers to maximize their profits before the Summer months arrive.
1. Fathers Day
2. Graduation

These are huge seasons but tend to be overlooked because of all the emphasis on Mothers Day.
So go online now and order cards for Fathers and Graduates at

Its Time for the Fathers

Posted by Administrator on 5/7/2014

We are all so busy with Mothers Day (yes, it's a huge season), that Fathers Day can creeping up and be on us before we are ready. Well - here's your warning - go online to now and order your Fathers Day Greeting Cards.

This season is not only for the Dads in our lives but is also for Sons, Grandsons, Husbands, Sweethearts, Grandfathers, Nephews, Uncles - and any other man that is in your life. Every man will be expecting at least one Fathers day card this year so you need to be stocked up with a darn good selection.

Mothers Day on Sunday - Panic!

Posted by Administrator on 5/5/2014

No need to panic. can still help you with a great selection of quality wholesale Mother day Cards. We can ship them to you in time to make those big sales next Sunday. Don't miss out. Go online now and choose from Mothers Day cards in English, Spanish and Africa-American themes. Also available are Dollar Mothers Day cards in both English and Spanish.

Call 888-600-9354 or visit

Too Late for Mothers Day Cards?

Posted by Administrator on 5/1/2014

This is the question we're asked every hour in these last few days leading up to Mothers Day. The answer is a resounding, "No."  Why is that, you may ask?  The answer is that, like most seasons, a large percentage of Mothers Day cards are bought in stores just before day itself.  The majority of Mothers Day Cards are hand-delivered to Moms, Grandmas, Wives and  Sweetheart on that special day.

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