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A History of Valentines 2021

Posted by Emily Richards on 12/2/2020 to wholesale Valentine's Day greeting cards
A History of Valentines 2021

Valentine's Day - as long as we can remember - been a wonderful season for Retailers of every kind - Gift Stores, Pharmacies, Florists, Convenience Stores, Hallmarks, Bookstores, Card Shops, Supermarkets - the list is endless. They all enjoy one thing - great sales of Valentine Greeting Cards - which is a double benefit from InterGreet as sales are extra-profitable. 

What do you think about when the subject of Valentines Day comes up? Of course, Valentines Cards, flowers, jewelry, candy and intimate "tete a tete" at fancy dining places.  But 2021 will be different as many of usual activities will not happen due to Covid 19.  But you can be confident that one activity will BOOM for retailers - the sale of Valentine Greeting Cards. 

But do you know the history of Valentine's Day going back 2000 years? The exact details are a little clouded by the millennia, but we do know for sure, that there was a man named Bishop Valentine of the early Christian Church. Like many Christians during those early days,  he had been sentenced to be killed for refusing to worship the Emperor of Rome, who stated he was a god. Valentine sat in prison awaiting to be executed for his "crime". 
Wholesale Valentines Greeting Cards
The legend says that while locked up in the dungeon, he fell deeply in love with the daughter of the jailkeeper. She returned his love. But it was all hopeless as she was a freewoman and he was a condemned prisoner awaiting execution. On the day he was taken out to be killed, he wrote a goodbye letter to his great love, confirming his love for her.  He signed this last letter to her, “from your Valentine”. 

These are the same words that today's sweethearts will sign in their Valentines Greeting Cards to each other. When I met my husband, I wrote in my first Valentines Card to him, "From your Valentine", never knowing they were the same words written 2000 years earlier by Valentine heading to his execution.  In the Fifth century, the Pope ordered that Valentine was to be declared a Saint in the Church due to his martyrdom. From that day on - right up until today, February 14th was called “St Valentines Day.” 

But over the centuries, there were many more changes that would make this Saint's Day what it is today - Valentine's Day.
Watch for Part 2, where I'll be able to tell you how Valentines Day slowly developed over the past 200 years to become the holiday we all know today. 

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