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Making higher profits for your Store

$2 Billion December

Posted by Administrator on 12/4/2014

$2 Billion is the estimated Greeting
Card sales projected for the Month of December alone.
Here's how you can have a piece of that every Month!

Greeting Cards have been around for a long time - and yet in the 21st Century, they are the most under-rated profit generator in the marketplace. Why? Because many store-owners think that Card sales are "owned" by the major retailers, the supermarket and pharmacy chains and department stores.

But our Customers are finding out that they can dramatically increase their store's profits with  a display of our top-selling Cards.

Here's how InterGreet's Greeting Cards will impact your results:

1. InterGreet Greeting Cards are the most profitable quality line you can carry in your store, earning 60% or more in margin, never having to discount them and no price resistance.
2. You can make $2 profit on the sale of just one card - no warranty needed, no bringing back to change sizes or colors - just the nice ringing of your cash-register.
3. A wide variety of cards will bring shoppers into your store - everyone needs a card.
4. We all love repeat business - our experience shows that a satisfied card buyer will return again and again to buy new items - and they'll also buy other products you are stocking.

Here are three ways we can help you:

1. If you already have Cards, let us freshen up and upgrade your existing display (whether spinner or card department) and turn it into a dynamic and profitable center for you.

2. If space is a problem, we can install a compact Spinner with an exciting range of cards for around $500 - $700. Your return on investment will be fantastic*.

3. But if you'd like to have a major profit-generator that acts like a magnet with new shoppers and builds up very worthwhile incremental sales - you need an Greeting Card Department. The total investment would be $4-$5000 and the ROI, well over 200%*.

*Note: These estimates are based on good store location and foot-traffic.

Please call us at 888-600-9354 and explain your current situation, so we can help you to experience a surge in profits.

Whether you want to make hundreds or many thousands of dollars of extra profit, act now to make sure you receive your share of the 2015 Greeting Card Bonanza.
Only can supply you with the quality PLUS the margin that gives you the advantage you need.

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