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Discounted Christmas Moneyholder packs a winner

Posted by Yvonne Richards on 11/3/2015


This is the deal-of-the-year for a sought-after seasonal product


Discounted wholesale christmas moneyholders

Discounted Seasonal Moneyholder Packs





High quality packs of Christmas Money 

Wallets heavily discounted by 72%.

These cards sell out so order now. is proud to announce, an incredible range of Money Wallets that you can offer your shoppers - and at prices that will blow the opposition away. Imagine your customers delight in being able to buy from you, six high quality money wallets for $3.60 - that's 60 cents each. Yet, you still get to make your 100% margin. 


We have discounted each pack of six by 72% so they can be retailed at an incredible 60 cents each - $3.60 for a packet of six. Your wholesale price is $1.80 for each 6 pack. Even more savings when ordering 10 or more units.




Christmas Card Assortments are discounted a whopping 25% off the wholesale price!



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