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Making higher profits for your Store

Hallmark Stores order from

Posted by James Richards on 10/3/2016
Hallmark Stores throughout the United States - and overseas, are finding they can increase their profits significantly by purchasing selected portions of their product range from James Richards of says that more and more Hallmark owners are "discovering" how easy it is to add an extra $1000 or more to their bottom line each month. "It's the easiest profit they can ever make", he said when describing how store owners are sending him lists of titles they want filling.  
"We agree that shoppers at Hallmark Stores have come to expect top quality product but they will love the inclusion of InterGreet Cards in the range and the store owner will make a significant extra profit", he said. "Let's be frank - the Hallmark Store is being squeezed on all sides - including competition from Hallmark themselves, who may be supplying a major chain store close to the Hallmark Store owner. And it's not just Hallmark", he added. "American Greetings are doing exactly the same to some of their Retailers, so we are able to help these stores as well", he concluded.
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