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Mothers Day Cards Wholesale

Posted by on 2/26/2016

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Premium Mothers Day Cards 
Wholesale Mothers Day Cards
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Dollar Mothers Day Cards 
Dollar Mothers Day Cards
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Wholesale Mothers Day cards

T he "Mother" of our modern Mother's Day holiday is a woman called Anna Jarvis. Ironically, she was not a mother herself, but was inspired by the activist work of her own mother who had spent her life planning that one day a year should be set aside to recognize the unique contribution that Mothers made to families and to society at large.
Sadly, her mother never realized her dream by the time she died in 1905. So, being a loving daughter, Anna Jarvis decided to commit her life to ensuring her mother's dream was fulfilled. Anna recruited a team of supporters and they continually wrote letters to the movers and shakers in Government and Business. 

After 5 years, their hard work paid off and in 1911 almost every State had a Mother's Day on the calendar. But the final triumph came in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson made an official proclamation, designating the second Sunday of May as, "Mother's Day".  Anna Jarvis had kept her promise to her beloved mother.
How many
  Mother's Day Cards?

How many Mother's Day cards are given each year? 

This is a major holiday and in 2016 nearly 150 million Mother's Day Cards will be given to mothers, wives, sisters, sweethearts, daughters, granddaughters - the list goes on and on. 

This equates to $500 million in sales - a bonanza for those retailers that sell Mother's Day cards.

Make sure you are ready for high Mothers Day Card sales!

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Wholesale mothers day cards
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