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Making higher profits for your Store

Simply More Profit in Greeting Card Sales

Posted by Emily Richards on 8/24/2016
There are 2 consistent benefits that customers always enjoy:
1. Top quality Greeting Cards that sell so well - the shoppers love 'em.
2. A minimum of an extra 20% profit on all sales.
wholesale greeting cards
This is why InterGreet has been the leading online wholesaler of quality Greeting Cards since 1997. Right now, InterGreet is increasing its range of quality Cards and retailers will see 100 new designs that are being added over the next 2 weeks. Of note is $4.99 handcrafted greeting cards that can only be described as - exquisite. Featuring ribbons, jewelry, and attachments added by hand, these cards are absolutely the best greeting cards on the market. Our retailers will make a whopping $3 on each card sold - and these magnificent Greeting Cards will fly out the door.  There is simply no price-resistance when it comes to buying a greeting card for someone you love.

InterGreet also offers 25% off the wholesale price of all Everyday and Seasonal assortments. visit to view all the profit opportunities.

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