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Valentines Around the Corner

Posted by James Richards on 1/15/2016
You need to ask yourself -
"Am I ready for this upcoming sales bonanza?"

Valentines Day
Retail sales start in 2 weeks, so you need to order now!
Wholesale Valentines Cards
Valentines - the #1 season for quality cards

There will be an estimated 150 million Valentines Cards sold this year for aprox $500 million retail.  The important questions are:

1. How many of these sales will you make?  
2. How much profit will you enjoy?

If you answered "none" or "very little" you need to visit InterGreet now and set yourself us with a profitable Valentines program.

Only InterGreet's Valentines Assortments give you a 25% discountoff the wholesale price - without ever compromising quality.
Valentines Day Dollar Cards too is well known for its .top-quality premium Greeting Cards, but did you know we also have thousands of beautiful Dollar Greeting Cards in our range?

For Dollar, 99 cent or Discount stores, we offer"Value" Valentine Cards. Each card is cello-wrapped for extra protection, beautifully designed and printed with cutting-edge designs.    Review Now
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An extra $4.99 off the Rainbow Amazing Candle

You can order this top-selling gift item and receive $4.99 off the regular wholesale. 
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