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The Key that opens the door to additional sales

Posted by on 3/16/2016
The InterGreet Key that opens the door to additional profitable sales

Wholesale Greeting Carrds
Space for several card racks? Area for a Spinner Rack?  With's Turn-Key Program you are a prime candidate for a profit-generating Greeting Card department.  Not only can you make great incremental sales, but you will find your new card area will attract new customers and bring them back again and again.

You may have thought that Greeting Cards' high profits were reserved for #Wal-Mart, #Target and #Hallmark stores. But now you can unlock the incredible profit power of Greeting Cards.  Everyone buys Cards, but most are forced to buy from the big chains. We are empowering Retailers like you to make the same earnings on Cards as the multi-site retailers.  You will be amazed at what we can do for you. 

Already have Greeting Cards? If you are like many retailers we talk to, you are probably only receiving a fraction of the sales that are possible. Talk to to find out how we can "crank-up" your sales by revitalizing your card area. Both Premium-quality Card and Dollar Card Programs available.

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