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Making higher profits for your Store

Three opportunities to make extra Profits

Posted by David on 3/24/2016

3 Seasons over 3 Months gives 

3 opportunities to make 3 extra Profits


Wholesale Mothers Day Cards

1. Mothers Day - a huge Season

  • 150 Million Mothers Day Cards will be sold in 2016 - how many will you sell?
  • Add-on sales for existing shoppers
  • Brings new traffic into your store
  • Everyone remembers Mothers!

Set yourself up with an assortment of top-selling Mothers Day Cards from



Wholesale Fathers Day Cards

2. Fathers Day is always a great Sales Season

For every Mother - there's a Dad. Your customers will buy a Fathers Day Card if you display them. Not just for Dads, but Husbands, Sons, Friends and more. has the best deals for wholesale Fathers Day Greeting Cards. 




Wholesale Graduation Cards

3. Congratulate the Graduate with a Card

Millions will graduate this year - from College, High School, Kindergarten

and more.  Graduates receive a beautiful card to recognize the hard work they have now completed


This short video could transform your business


After 46 years in business (20 years online), the team is uniquely positioned to help you explore the many ways that Greeting Cards can make a significant profit for your store. 



Rainbow Amazing Candles

Rainbow Amazing Candles

Little profit-generating machines 


Groceries, Gift Stores, Party Stores, Mail Shops, Pharmacies, Hallmarks - just a few of the  retailers that are selling quantities of our incredible  Rainbow Amazing Candle. Also available in Football and Soccer Ball styles. 


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