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Making higher profits for your Store

Wholesale Gift Bags Launched

Posted by Emily Richards on 4/14/2017 to Wholesale Gift Bags
The leading online wholesale of quality Greeting Cards now announces the launch of its huge range of quality, discounted wholesale Gift Bags and Gift Tissue. is now offering 

Wholesale Christian Greeting Cards Receive Big Boost

Posted by Emily Richards on 4/14/2017, the leading Online Wholesaler of Premium Greeting Cards, announces it has made a huge investment in Christian designs, enabling more variety to stores that have Christian customers. .  InterGreet can

What are the Options for Greeting Card Retailers?

Posted by Emily Richards on 2/16/2017
What are the Options for Greeting Card Retailers?

This is the question that Retail Stores are asking us all the time.  Our answer is that the demand for Everyday Card sales remain strong, especially for Premium quality Cards. Savvy Retailers know there are really only three Greeting Card wholesalers that can offer the full range of Premium full-priced cards for their stores. Who are these three Greeting Card suppliers? First there are the two market leaders that need no introduction from us. Together they control about 85% of the market and their range and

Happy Valentines Day

Posted by James Richards on 2/14/2017
Greeting Card Supplier
May you have a double-portion of

History of Valentines Day Greeting Cards Part B

Posted by James Richards on 1/16/2017
In a strange beginning to the modern St Valentines Day, we are told that the great English poet and writer, Geoffrey  Chaucer was the one who first linked St. Valentine's Day with romance. It's recorded that in 1381, Chaucer wrote a poem to mark the engagement of England's Richard ll to Anne of Bohemia. Chaucer linked the poem to St

History of Valentines Day Greeting Cards Part A

Posted by James Richards on 1/3/2017
Wholesaler or Retailer, we all make great sales out of St. Valentines Day. What comes into your mind when you think about Valentines Day?  Of course, Valentines Cards, flowers, chocolate, jewelry and dining for two?

But the history of Valentines Day
goes back 2000 years. Although the exact details are a little clouded by the ages, it appears that there truly was a man named Valentine who was a Bishop in the early Christian Church. Like many Christians of that time, he had been arrested and sentenced to death for refusing to worship the Emperor of Rome, who had declared himself a god. Now he

Love is in the (cold) Air

Posted by Emily Richards on 1/2/2017
It's Time for Wholesale Valentines Day Greeting Cards
The warmth of Love is peeking out of the frigid air that is sweeping the United States. Plunging temperatures cannot hold back the irresistible arrival of Valentines Day on February 14th, 2017. This giant holiday of love will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy hot sales over the next 6 weeks. Valentines Day Greeting Cards are still the biggest single season for single-card sales and this year will be better than ever.

Now's the time to place your order for Premium Valentine Greeting Cards so you can squeeze out the

Wholesale Christmas Cards Discounted

Posted by Emily Richards on 11/2/2016
Wholesale Christmas Cards Discounted
Premium quality wholesale Christmas Cards are now available from, the leading online wholesaler since 1997. All of these beautiful Christmas Cards are available at 20% off the wholesale price making these high-demand Greeting Cards super-profitable for retail stores. A huge range of wholesale Christmas Cards are available to choose from.

Hallmark Stores order from

Posted by James Richards on 10/3/2016
Hallmark Stores throughout the United States - and overseas, are finding they can increase their profits significantly by purchasing selected portions of their product range from James Richards of says that more and more Hallmark owners are "discovering" how easy it is to add an extra $1000 or more to their bottom line each month. "It's the easiest profit they can ever make", he said when describing how store owners are sending him lists of titles they want filling.  

The Best Wholesale Christmas Card Program

Posted by Emily Richards on 9/20/2016 is excited to announce that it's full range of quality Wholesale Christmas Cards is now available at There is not better range available for retailers who want top-quality Greeting Cards with the highest profit margin in the industry.
Wholesale Christmas Cards
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