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Wholesale Greeting Cards, Gift Bags,Gift Wrap & candles on

Posted by Paul Chase on 6/7/2021 to Wholesale Greeting Cards
Wholesale Greeting Cards, Gift Bags,Gift Wrap & candles on
Premium Greeting Cards - wholesale greeting cards carry a full range of premium greeting cards ideal for every occasion, season, & style. Whether you’re looking for Birthday cards, or occasions & events such as Anniversary cards, Wedding cards, New Baby, Thank You, Sympathy, or Friendship cards, have you covered. Wholesale greeting cards can be profitable for your store & it’s essential to have all your bases covered.

Premium greeting cards can be ordered by design, by assortment, or by turn-key assortment with card rack.

When you order by design, find the appropriate greeting card category, then add the items to your cart as you see fit. Premium greeting cards come packed in wholesale units of 6 or 3 cards per design (depending on each particular card) with envelopes and title finders.

The price you see for each wholesale unit represents 50% off the retail price printed on the back your card. Up to 20% additional discount & free shipping can be subtracted from your order at checkout. See our promotions page for details.

You can also order premium greeting cards by assortment or assortment with card racks.

Premium greeting cards Wow the consumer with stand-out design, high quality manufacture technique, and appropriate sentiment printed in the cards. Manufacturing process that help beautify the cards include color inserts, foil stamping, glitter, embossing, & ribbons that sell the cards. All cards printed on high quality thick card stock.
Retail prices include $3.49, $3.99, $4.99 & $5.99 with $3.99 being the average price. This is very affordable for the customers & profitable for retailers.

Our premium cards appeal to many retailers. Our customers include pharmacies, florists, grocery stores, book shops, gift shops, mail & business centers & many other retailers.

Be sure to load up on cards. They are exceptional quality and sell very well.

Christian Greeting Cards - wholesale greeting cards

Premium Christian Greeting cards are one of the top sellers here on These beautiful cards are packed with modern design, high quality manufacture technique, & religious text that appeals to Christian religious consumers all over the globe.

Christian greeting cards sell worldwide with Christian bookstores, Christian gift shops, or secular stores with local Christian community such as flowers shops, grocery stores & pharmacies.

These cards are full of thoughts & prayers, birthday blessings, fellow Christian appreciation, prayers of sympathy, special thanks, wedding blessings, A Prayer on Your Anniversary, gift of newborn from God, congratulations, footprints in the sand, & pastor you’re appreciated sentiments.

Retailers cans order by design or select an assortment. Categories include Birthday General, Birthday Friend, Birthday Family, Birthday Masculine, Birthday Parent, Birthday Spouse, Birthday Special, Birthday Juvenile, Anniversary, Baby, Baptisms, Encouragement, Friendship, Get Well, Miscellaneous, Pastors, Sympathy, Thank You & Wedding. Hundreds of designs are available.

The average retail price per card is $3.99 with price range of $3.49 - $5.99 per card. Retailers receive a wholesale discount from

Christian dollar cards and Spanish language cards are also available.

Help spread the word offer a new line of hand crafted greeting cards. Each Greeting Card you sell will create a sensation when given to the recipient & create additional profit for your store.

Every Card has beautiful, handcrafted works, including cut-outs, glitter, hot foil stamping, die-cuts, and jewels.
Each cards size is 5 ½ x 7 ¾” and comes cello-wrapped with its envelope, for extra protection of the handmade features.

Hand crafted greeting cards are marked at $4.40 price points, so they’re affordable for consumers, although they look like $10.00 cards !!!

You can order these handmade cards by design or by times saving assortments.

Jewish Greeting Cards - wholesale greeting cards

If your store is in an area with heavy Jewish population, Jewish greeting cards could make an excellent item to carry. Jewish cards are high quality card stock, specialty niche, & sell very well when your demographic fit is right.
Mazel Tov, Bar Mitsvah, Bat Mitsvah, & Jewish sympathy cards are the top sellers.

Jewish seasonal cards of Passover, Hanukkah, & Rosh Hashanah are also available within the appropriate seasonal ordering windows.

Stock up today on these high-quality Jewish greeting cards

In addition to our premium line of greeting cards, also carry a full range of dollar cards. Dollar cards are discount greeting cards designed to be sold at 99 cents, $1.00 or 50% off. They wholesale at 50 cent each, in wholesale units of 6 cards per design. i.e. $3.00 per wholesale unit. Retail signing is available for all discount options & all cards are cello wrapped with title finders & envelopes.

A full range of dollar greeting cards is available covering all everyday occasions and seasons. Popular categories include birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby, get well, sympathy, friendship & others. Popular seasons include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day plus many of the mini seasons.

You can order dollar cards online as assortments, but as of current, dollar cards cannot be order by design. Most customers phone in their dollar card orders.

Turnkey departments of dollar cards are also available including plan-o-gram, cards + card racks. This way retailer can reorder by pocket number corresponding with their plan-o-gram.

Dollar cards are popular with dollar stores, general, grocery, variety & other stores who like retailing greeting cards at a discount price.

Wholesale gift bags are a great way of increasing your retail store profits. Like our greeting cards, InterGreet offer two lines of gift bags, value gift bags and premium gift bags. Compare. Premium gift bags are of a higher quality and appealing to higher end stores. They are available to order by design in jumbo, large & medium gift bag sizes.
Premium Jumbo gift bags measure 15" X 10" X 15", large gift bags measure 12.75" x 5.38" x 10.38", and medium 9" x 4" x 7".

The gift bags are large enough to fit many gift sizes, such as picture frames, figurines, records, lights, books, shirt boxes, chocolate, candles, food. & more. The possibilities are endless depending on the type of gifts you sell.
Premium gift bag design occasions include birthday, teen, juvenile, new baby, wedding, & general celebration with both masculine and feminine designs.

Premium gift bags are manufactured with high quality paper stock and a premium product will typically have hand-crafted embellishments, glitter, inserts, die-cutting, embossing, or hot foil stamping - or even a combination of several of these finishes.

Gift tissue makes an excellent upsell with premium gift bags as customers can stuff the bags with gift tissue as filler and make them look color coordinated and beautiful.
Premium gift bags are very profitable for stores.

Wholesale roll wrap is a very popular item with Staples with gift shops, gift wrap is an excellent way retailers can increase their bottom-line profit on gift merchandise. By cross selling gift wrap with their other gift items, retailers can improve their profit $2.00 or more per roll of wrapping paper sold.
Rolls are 30” wide by 96” long printed on high quality 60 gsm paper. They are sold in wholesale units of 10 rolls per design.

Popular designs include leopard print, abstract designs, chevron, hounds tooth, camouflage, polka dots, floral, baby, juvenile, stripes, emoticon, happy birthday, wedding & solid colors. All popular options.
Ribbons and bows make an excellent upsell with roll wrap

Wholesale flat wrap is a very popular item with Staples with gift shops, gift wrap is an excellent way retailers can increase their bottom-line profit on gift merchandise. By cross selling gift wrap with their other gift items, retailers can improve their profit $1.00-$2.00 or more per unit of flat wrapping paper sold.

There are 2 sheets of 19" x 27" in each pack. They fold down to 9 3/4" square in a crystal-clear cello bag.
Popular designs include balloons, cupcakes, general, Kraft paper, baby, feminine, juvenile, happy birthday, wedding & other great designs. All popular options.

Ribbons and bows make an excellent cross sell with flat wrap.

Wholesale ribbons & bows sell well on Ribbons & bows, excellent sundry items, are cross sold with gift wrapping paper (either roll wrap or flat wrap). carry many varieties including 4 pack ribbon eggs packed in 12’s, Confetti bows, 6” confetti bow with tags, Fabric bows & Swirly bows.

Make sure you add to your cart so you can stock up your store with these popular items.

Wholesale Candles -
Rainbow Amazing Candles

Profit from this absolutely unique and in-demand Candle that will fly off your counter and have your customers clamoring for more.

The Amazing Candle will add special memories to birthday celebrations. Your customers will never forget the birthday cake with its amazing candle that self-lights multiple mini-candles, opens up like a beautiful flower, revolves and plays the traditional Happy Birthday music. It does everything except eat the Cake - the wowed guests will still have to do that. This is truly an Amazing Candle!

Perfect for Supermarket Bakeries, Party Stores and Gift Stores. These sell like mad!

Available in rainbow, yellow, blue, pink, red, gold, soccer ball & football styles.

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