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Improve your summer greeting card sales with handmade cards & blank cards

Posted by Paul Chase on 6/8/2021 to Wholesale Greeting Cards
Improve your summer greeting card sales with handmade cards & blank cards

Right now, wholesale Father’s Day greeting cards are going out the door to retailers all over the country. They’re excited as it’s the final greeting card season before summer. Father’s Day can be a big seller with an estimated 90 million units total being sold.  

But following Father’s Day, what do you do with your seasonal greeting card slots on your spinner or card rack.

Here is a few ideas to keep your display looking full over summer before the winter season begins, after your Father’s Day greeting cards come down.

Blank cards. carry about forty (40) designs of blank greeting cards. These cards contain beautiful artwork and design although they are void of verse. Customers like to write their own sentiment on these top selling cards.

Blank cards are currently on sale so there is higher return on investment.

Handmade cards. These beautiful handmade cards are on sale right now too, so they’re moving fast. They retail $4.40 per card & comparable in quality to Papyrus.

Every Card has beautiful, handcrafted work, including cut-outs, glitter, hot foil stamping, die-cuts, and jewels.

Each cards size is 5 ½ x 7 ¾” and comes cello-wrapped with its envelope, for extra protection of the handmade features.

Summary: Following Father’s Day, make sure you stock on blank cards & handcrafted cards so you can fill your display slots until the winter seasons come around. Save money & maximize profits while they’re on sale

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