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Greeting Cards Sales Stronger

Posted by Administrator on 9/10/2013
It seems like every day I am asked the question, "Is there any future for the century-old product called the Greeting Card? Won't it go the way of the buggy whip and the ice-box?" My answer is always a resounding, "No!"
Against all other trends, the paper Greeting Card continues to grow in market size and profit contribution for smart retailers. If you're not sure, look in any Walgreens, CVS, Target or Wal-Mart store. What do you see? Card departments growing in size and importance in the stores. There is a reason for this - Greeting Cards are in heavy demand and are super-profitable for these mega-chains. Well, they can be for you too, if you utilize the expertise, superior product range and higher profit margins that are exclusive to
Every day without a display of premium greeting cards, is a day of lost profit opportunity. Go online to now or call our friendly Customer Service at 888-600-9354