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Wholesale Communion & Confirmation greeting cards sell all year around

Posted by Paul Chase on 2/1/2022 to Wholesale Christian Cards
Wholesale Communion & Confirmation greeting cards sell all year around

Wholesale Communion greeting cards & Confirmation greeting cards are now available all year around. Inn the past, most churches have had their first communion and confirmation in the spring, it’s now become a year long activity

Both Confirmation & First Communion greeting cards are popular categories among religious greeting card sellers such as Christian Book Stores, Christian Gift Shops, & retailers whose customers base are demographically followers of Christ

First Communion cards are given to those who receive their first communion. Communion is also called The Eucharist, also called the Holy Communion or Lord's Supper, the Christian rite involving the eating of bread and drinking of wine, reenacting the Last Supper

Confirmation cards are given to those who become confirmed. In Christian denominations that practice infant baptism, confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant created in baptism. Those being confirmed are known as confirmands. For adults, it is an affirmation of belief

wholesale confirmation greeting cards

Each Communion & Confirmation greeting card is beautifully designed, versed, and printed on quality card stock. One wholesale unit is six (6) or three (3) cards with envelopes and title finders

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