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Easter Greeting Cards are Huge!

Posted by Emily Richards on 2/13/2020 to Wholesale Seasonal Cards

No - I don't mean that each Easter Greeting Cards are a Jumbo size that are too big for the US Postal Service - I mean that the market is 70 million cards each year and growing.

wholesale easter cards

The interesting part of the Easter Greeting Card market is that there are two distinct markets:
1. The Religious Market.  This is growing each year as Christians - both Protestant and Catholic, feel motivated to send out a holy Easter Greeting Card from InterGreet. This year we have our largest selection of Christian Easter Cards - 30 designs. Each Card has a unique message centered on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Churches and Christian Bookstores need to have good stocks of these Easter cards to satisfy the needs of their customers. But so do other retailers as there customers will definitely include a large proportion of Christian shoppers.
Easter Religious Cards

2. The Springtime Market.  This huge group of Easter Greeting Card consumers are more interested in sending out a message that, "Winter is Over and Spring Has Arrived".  But don't discount these buyers - there are millions of them and they send cards out to their family members, spouses, neighbors and especially to those, "Across the Miles."  Popular designs usually incorporate Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Spring Flowers and other spring-related pictures. always produces the best designs and sentiments for your customers and we offer our retailers the deepest discount (in other words, the highest profit margin) in the industry.

Wholesale Greeting Cards
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