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Three Tips on how to Find Wholesale Greeting Cards Suppliers

Posted by OMRus on 2/19/2020 to Wholesale Gift Bags
Three Tips on how to Find Wholesale Greeting Cards Suppliers
The research and data collected by Statista clearly show that the greeting card business is presently a very profitable business for retail stores. Also, as per GIA (Global Industry Analyst, Inc.), the worldwide market of greeting cards is projected to be worth approximately USD$22 billion in 2024.

Many experienced and well-known retail chains are making a huge profit out of the card business but a lot of newcomers are confused over the selection of a reliable wholesale greeting card supplier for their new or existing stores. 

Here are some good tips from to help you identify the ideal supplier, enabling you to spend more time developing strategies to grow your retail business.

Tip 1: Choose a Trusted Wholesaler with Quality Products

Your brand/ product becomes your identity if promoted thoughtfully among your customers and the best promotion is by supplying them top-quality products. Quality speaks for itself and needs minimum promotion. Don’t try to “short-change” your shoppers by offering them an inferior product. Remember the adage, “No one ever regretted buying quality.”

Tip 2: Make sure You’re Receiving a Profitable Margin

Greeting Cards can be the most profitable product in your store, but many retailers make the mistake of selling “cheap” cards with low margins. Yes, there’ is a small market for discount cards, but we can report that in 85% of the market, there is zero resistance to price. Make sure you are making 50-60% profit on a decent priced greeting card. For example, if you sold a $5 card, you should be making around $3.

Tip 3: Choose Cards that Your Customers Will Love.

You can choose designs that YOU love – but are they what your customers will buy? There is often a big difference, so talk to your customers before committing to invest in a selection of cards. Always work with a professional greeting card company that can offer you many different styles to choose from. For example, a Florist may want all their cards to have floral designs; a Hospital may want positive message. Get Well Cards – but also some designs for the patient that’s not going to get better; perhaps your customers would like Humorous or Pet’s Cards; churches and Christian Bookstores will want mainly religious cards. has been serving its clients for more than 20 years which demonstrates its credibility and superb quality of its products. The company has a vast range of products including premium greeting cards, dollar greeting cards, amazing candles, gift bags, roll & flat wrap, bows & ribbon and much more. This greeting card wholesaler is dealing with and trusted by customers from many industries, such as corporate buyers, churches, supermarkets, florists, pharmacies, mail stores, Christian bookstores, party stores and so on.

Contact @ 888-600-9354 for highest profit margins, accurate and quick online order advantages over all other wholesale greeting card companies.

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