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Get the perfect wholesale greeting cards for every occasion!

Posted by OMRUS on 1/29/2020 to Wholesale Greeting Cards
Get the perfect wholesale greeting cards for every occasion!

These days, you just name an occasion and you will find a card for it. Everybody has their own reasons for sending a greeting card to someone. Maybe it’s a birthday or you want someone to know how much you love and appreciate them but are too shy to tell them directly. In this situation, cards will surely come to your rescue.

Another great thing about sending out cards, especially on holidays, is to stay connected with those that you don't get to meet that often. Perhaps loved ones or extended family that live far away or your beloved cousin that you don’t get to hang out with regularly.

Other reasons to send out a thank you card include job interviews, whenever someone does something for you that is helpful for either your personal or professional life, whenever you establish a new professional contact.

It is also an amazing farewell gift. You can write whatever you want to say to a person if they are going somewhere and hand it over to them. They are definitely going to love it.

February is Valentine’s Day- The month of love is almost around the corner and every couple will be looking for a perfect gift to give to their better half. In such a case, you can never go wrong with a beautiful Valentine's greeting card! You can pour your heart out and write whatever you feel for your partner and give it to them. We are sure they are going to keep it for life and treat it no less than diamonds!

Buying greeting cards from Intergreet comes with a number of advantages. Some of them are-

Pack of 3

InterGreet’s seasonal cards mostly come in a pack of 3 which means you can order twice as many designs to offer to your customers. By offering you shoppers more designs to choose from, you will be increasing your sales.

Value for money

Our wholesale rates cannot be attached. We give the highest profit margins in the industry.You can score some amazing cards at unbelievable prices and become the talk of the town in no time. You will be the preferred store for your customers no matter what the occasion might be. Our lower price-per-card helps to keep your sales high, which in turn maximizes profits.

Amazing designs

InterGreet Cards are on the cutting-edge of both traditional and latest fashion designs. We have some very creative designs to offer and if someone buys from us once, they just keep on coming back to us asking for more! Buy from us and your customers will always leave your store with utmost satisfaction.

When you buy your cards from InterGreet, you have nothing to worry about! If you can’t find what you are looking for then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you in any way possible.

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