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Making higher profits for your Store

Can you make money selling greeting cards?

Posted by Paul Chase on 12/30/2020 to Wholesale Greeting Cards
Can you make money selling greeting cards?

Can you make money selling greeting cards?

Yes, you can make money selling greeting cards. Many retailers are proof of that.

When you buy greeting cards wholesale, then markup to retail & sell them, you make money. 100% margin plus. There is 7.5 billion dollars (USD) of greeting cards sold in the United States each year.

A few examples of retail store sectors who sell greeting cards to make money include…

Gift shops – greeting cards make an excellent upsell when gift stores sell their gifts. They can add another $2.00 - $4.00 net profit per sale.

Florists – florists cross sell greeting cards with their floral arrangements. Often they include greeting cards as part of an arrangement theme too.

Pharmacists – most drug stores carry greeting cards as they make excellent retail items while customers wait for their prescriptions to be filled.   

Coffee Shops – gourmet coffee shops often sell greeting cards as they browse gift & greeting cards as their server prepares their favorite caffeinated beverage.

Retail Shipping / Mail & Business Center – stores such as PostalAnnex ++ & UPS Store offer greeting cards as convenience to their customers who are shipping gifts nationwide as packages 

 Summary - Can you make money selling greeting cards? Yes, many types of retail stores do. You can buy wholesale & sell retail with excellent markup & margin